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Long-term tillage effects on the distribution of P fractions of German loess soils

Piegholdt, Christiane und Geissler, Daniel und Koch, Heinz-Josef und Ludwig, Bernard (2011) Long-term tillage effects on the distribution of P fractions of German loess soils. In: Böden verstehen - Böden nutzen - Böden fit machen, 3. - 9. September 2011, Berlin.

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Different tillage systems may effect P dynamics in soils due to differently distributed plant residues, different aggregate dynamics and erosion losses. Objectives were to investigate the effect of tillage in a long-term field trial, initiated from 1990 to 1997 on the availability of P at four research sites. The treatments were no-till (NT) without cultivation and conventional tillage (mouldboard ploughing down to 25-30 cm, CT) on loess soils. Soil P was divided into pools of different availabilities by a sequential extraction. The Pt content (792 mg kg-1 soil) in the topsoil of NT was 15% higher compared to CT, while with increasing depth the Pt concentration decreased more under NT than under CT. Oxalate extractable iron and organic carbon were well related to the labile Pi fractions, while there was a high correlation of the stable fractions with the clay contents and pH. The higher P concentrations in the topsoil of NT resulted presumably from the shallower incorporation of root and harvest residues and erosion compared to CT.

Eintragstyp: Konferenz- oder Workshop-Beitrag ("Berichte der DBG")
Stichwörter: P fractionation, conventional tillage, no-till, inorganic and organic P pools, P stocks
Bereiche: Kommissionen > Kommission II: Bodenchemie
Benutzer: Christiane Piegholdt
Hinterlegungsdatum: 31 Okt 2011 15:45
Letzte Änderung: 13 Dez 2015 16:27
URI: http://eprints.dbges.de/id/eprint/785

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